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Umarella Voyage Safaris is one of the leading tour operators in Uganda. We offer great services with experienced tour guides all over East Africa. We organize safaris beyond expectations “we are the wild professionals”

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  1. Murchison falls National Park trip in Uganda

    I usually have trips in Uganda annually but this time round i iused umarella Voyage safaris this year, this year, my dears i got what i have never experienced the pervious years. These people are expert and very organized, they gave us good trip guides, best accommodation and the at the destinations were great, here guide Brian did better for us to watch the animals very well. Nothing more i can add on but just to recommend this trip to any one. A credit to Umarella Voyage Safaris 🤗

  2. wonderful and stress free experience

    i really recommend this tour in Uganda asa it covers a variety of experiences in wildlife, camping (2nights), mountain climbing, gorilla trekking and many more adventures. excellent tour guide who made the trip a wonderful and stress free experience. a few days of long travel to reach destinations but always broken up with interesting visits to the local places; restaurants or roadside stalls. special thanks to Umarella Voyage Safaris for such a wonderful safari preparation that will remain long in our memories.

  3. Gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable National Park

    the highlights of the tour for me was trekking of Gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable National Park. the accomodation and guide werte all on point. umarella Voyage Safaris is an an excellent tour operator that i can highly recommend, thanks for the great services Umarella.

  4. it was an amazing experience

    It was such an amazing experience, Uganda is an incredible country and i cannot wait to go back one day to explore tree climbing lions. the trip was well organized and planned , we saw so mush in such a short time. big up to Stanley the guide, and special big thanks to Umarella voyage safaris for as an organized experience.

  5. an amazing trip through in Uganda with Umarella Safaris

    an amazing trip through this beautifully stunning and diverse country, Uganda! perfect balance between wildlife, culture and relaxation on the beach at the end. however we got some issues on the accommodation side but our guide did his best to sort out all all that had gone wrong, Brian, the tour guide, was so well organized and always concerned about us!. thank you Umarella Voyage Safaris and a thumb up for guide Brian. i can recommend this trip to Uganda through Umarella Voyage Safaris and Brian as the guide.

  6. this trip was more than fantastic

    this trip was so fantastic, full of variety trips, river cruise, 4×4 driving, camping, hiking etc. all the tour guides were great. some days were long driving distances, wonderful nature, views, wildlife and interaction with the local people and culture. incredible fun while watching tree climbing lions in the queen Elizabeth National Park. a credit goes to Umarella voyage safaris the organizers and i highly recommend this trip.

  7. Astonishing botanical gardens

    We spent a day at the botanical gardens,we had a wonderful time. The gardens are green and very well maintained. If you need to get away from the city and just find some inner peace and soul cleansing, then the Botanical Gardens is the place to go!!Well done and keep up the good standard

  8. "Best trip ever!!"

    This is a wonderful large national park near mountains. You can bike and walk here alot between the very beautiful nature around. It is very silent. You hear no cars. You have a nice view and meditate in one of the best places. In the night it is at best to just watch the sky and see the stars shinning bright. One of the best places in Uganda. My adventure with Umarella Voyage Safaris was a great one and the guides are really friendly.

  9. Awesome experience

    Such a lovely place! Filled with beautiful landscapes and wonderful energy. This park is a perfect place to go to on a day off or when you want to enjoy solitude In Nature. I’m very grateful I made it a part of my trip to Uganda and am so grateful to Umarella Voyage Safaris. A perfect breath of air after a few days in Uganda

  10. Awesome experience

    Photogenic park even on a non-photogenic day. Wider park area closed for vehicles from dawn to dusk. I really loved the dawn of this park

  11. Umarella Voyage Safari is the best

    The safari to Uganda without Umarella Voyage Safaris is like tea without sugar. I really enjoyed my game drive through queen Elizabeth National park and not forgetting the cultural visit to the local community. Uganda is really naturally gifted. Umarella Voyage Safaris is a way to visit Uganda


    Lake Mburo and Queen Elizabeth National Park, you cant wind up Uganda without mentioning Umarella Voyage Safaris. The two game drives were a success and wonderful . My wife, kids and I really enjoyed the wild.

  13. Great time in Murchison falls with Umarella Voyage safaris

    High- end atmosphere, low key luxury has connotation. The deepness of the liberal foreign atmosphere, simple fashion international fan. Very good

  14. Wonderful time in Kibale National park

    Thoroughly enjoyed this tour. Our insight tour director was amazing with a great cultural and wildlife knowledge base. Scenery was stunning and we were blessed with great weather. What I loved on our tour activities is that they were so nice including accommodations but notably all at a fair cost. I highly recommend this tour

  15. Kudos! Umarella Voyage Safaris

    It was our first time in Uganda and we wanted to see some of the highlights and our tour guide Stanley truly delivered. We arranged tours with Umarella Voyage Safaris in 2021. We read such positive reviews on this company and really wanted a guided tour . Stanley is truly knowledgeable about the areas and made sure we spent adequate time at each location . He offered to take us to awesome photo spots and even offered to take our group photos. We saw so much and learned so much in our visit. He made our time in Uganda very memorable and would highly recommend a tour with Umarella Voyage Safaris and Stanley as a guide

  16. I enjoyed with you guys

    These guys are really professional if it comes to organizing tours. I enjoyed when I traveled with them

  17. My first time to face a giant gorilla in Uganda was a great experience

    The experience on the trip Murchison Falls National Park was incredible. We arrived at the lodge where we were prepared to stay and we ate well. Then we went to the back for a Nile cruise to have a look at aquatic life and was also amazing. After a game drive and a launch cruise we continued to Bwindi for gorilla trekking and this was the best of all however i had little fear for giant gorillas but our guide was so friendly and kind that he used to comfort us and it was such a beautiful place. Thanks for that! If you come to Uganda, you have to do this experience! I would recommend it with Umarella Voyage Safaris to everyone who loves nature and adventure!

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