US Energizer 626Wh Portable Power Station with Outdoors Camping


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Product Description

Energizer Portable Power Station 626 Watt-Hours for Outdoors Camping/Home Use and More Emergency, 600-Watt (Peak 1000W) AC Outlet, 60-Watt PD Fast Charging Solar Generator with LED Light.


· Item: Portable Power Station Energizer PPS700, 626Wh

· Brand: Energizer

· Battery Capacity: 626Wh,

· Output Power: 600W Rated Power

· Cell Type: Li-ion

· Life cycle : 1000+ to 80% capacity

· Material: ABS+PCB

· Operating Temperature: -2040°C

· Product Weight: 5.5KG

· Package Size: 260x173x202 mm


· Warrenty: 12-24 Months



About This Item

· [Portable and Easy to Carry] Energizer Portable Power Station PPS700 is very light. They are designed with an ergonomic handle. It’s easy to carry and store wherever you go.

· [Multiple Charging Ports] PPS700 can charge multiple electronic devices at the same time, with 2 PD fast charging ports. It can be used for notebooks, phones, pads, mini-refrigerators, hair dryers, drones, pumps, TV, CPAP, etc.

· [Usage Scenario] Energizer PPS700 solar generator can be ideally used for home or outdoors, fishing, and camping. The design of the LED light is very considerate, it can be used as lighting or SOS.

· [Safe and long-life battery] The battery-powered solar generator has a built-in Battery Management System (BMS) and Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) to protect your devices with short circuit protection, over current protection, and other protection functions.

· [ADVANCED DESIGN] It weighs only 12 lbs and is 30% smaller than its industrial standard. The handle meets ergonomic design to make the power station easy to carry the product in one hand only. The LCD screen clearly displays the product’s power level and remaining usage time. The different types of output ports are individually controlled for better power savings and longer usage time.

· [What You Get] 1*Energizer PPS700, 1*AC Adapter, 1*Car Charger Cable, 1*USB PD60W duo Type-C Charger Cable, 1*MC4 PV Solar Charging Cable, 1*User Manual.

· [Warranty] We will provide 24 month’s warranty and friendly customer service.




1. How many weight of PPS700 ?

-The whole package weight is about 16 lbs, and the bare machine is about 14 lbs.

2. What kind of battery does PPS700 contain?

-PPS700 contains lithium ion (NCM) battery.  

3. How many peak power does PPS700 have?

-PPS700 has the peak power up to 1000W, but its rated power is 600W still.



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