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Ssamba Safaris waterfalls tours Uganda; Water falls tours are one of the stunning tourist attractions in Uganda the Pearl of Africa- gifted by nature. A visit to any waterfalls in Uganda will complement your other Uganda safari and tour experiences such as gorilla tour adventure, game viewing tours, bird watching, chimpanzee tracking and cultural tours among other tourism experiences in Uganda. Uganda is gifted with numerous natural waterfalls located in different corners of the country. Each waterfall is unique in its own kind offering a different thrilling experience and not surprising greater Mukono is gifted with plenty of water bodies including a series of waterfalls that are truly spectacular demonstrated by their powerful rapids, beauty, and turbulence. Waterfalls in Uganda are some of the world’s most amazing, with beautiful, breathtaking scenery.

This confirms that this country is gifted by nature and so, the pearl of Africa. Uganda is surrounded by water bodies and most of them are characterized by waterfalls. Samba Safaris waterfalls tours Uganda provide a refreshing experience for those who are passionate with nature and you will not be disappointed when you take a trip to Uganda with Ssamba Safaris. The water falls in Uganda are accessible almost throughout the year and this is what makes them unique but they are best seen during the Rainy season since during this time the water levels increase by a large margin. There are numerous waterfalls in the country and most of the waterfalls listed below are within reasonable distances from Mukono town and so day trips can easily be arranged to either Kalagala Falls, Sezibwa Falls, Itanda Falls, Griffin Falls, Sipi Falls, Makwanzi falls and Busowoko Falls.

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    I have done the waterfalls thing with Ssamba Safaris, they were exceptionally great from the word go. We had issues with our visa and they helped us a great deal, I had a quite tight program so i discussed it Isaac that I would help out for 2 weeks and travel for a full week. My first weekend, I visited Sezibwa falls in Mukono, Busowoko and Itanda in Jinja before going over to Sipi falls the next day. I later visited Mabira forest for hiking, Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls before traveling back to my home country, looking back now I feel it was the best decision have have made. The guides are really nice, they kept on asking if we were okay and made sure we were comfortable. Beatrice who acted as the head guide is quite knowlegable about the country, places to visit and what to do. It was a blessing having our holiday organized by them.

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