Supporting Artisans, Handmade, Homemade & Eco-friendly. Inspiring Creative Expression & Mastery,
honouring the Ancestors & celebrating the Ancient Arts.

Umbilini honours the infinite innate expressions of oneness, love and mastery. We celebrate divine creative life force manifested through Arts, Dance, Poetry & Music. Umbilini Market currently features handmade eco-friendly pieces including art, fabric, jewellery, delicately woven baskets, mats, engraved wooden, apparel etc..

“Umbilini is the primal force used by Zulu shamans to connect with their minds with deities in the spirit realm, described as, “something like a hot coiled snake bursting through the top of your head.” It is a state achieved through sitting still, deep breathing, elimination of thoughts and drawing upon the powers of the soul.” Credo Mutwa

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