Ujambo Boots Safaris

Ujambo Boots Safaris offer an authentic experience in a mobile Tented safari as opposed to fancy lodges outside a natural setting. However, those clients that still prefer to be booked in a safari lodge that possibility can still be explored. As a result of studying the Ugandan tourism industry over time, we have produced affordable safari rates to include all accommodation, food, drinks and park activities for our clients.
What really happens in a mobile tented safari is that our advance team moves ahead before you to set up a camp in an exclusive natural ground that is set away from the crowds. The campgrounds in most cases are not facilitated with any permanent infrastructure. Therefore, the team bring all that is needed for a great experience and comfort and thereafter take with us all that was brought leaving behind only our Boot prints. The wilderness campsites are carefully selected right in the heart of the Wilderness so as to enable a more holistic experience and landscape viewing.

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Kampala Central Region UG
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