Uganda Tropical Plants Association

Uganda Tropical Plants Association (UTPA) is a non-profit organization established in 2008 comprising of members involved in various related horticultural activities like horticultural farming, floral arrangement and design, landscaping and garden design, potted plants, and container gardening.
The goal of UTPA:
Create general awareness on the importance of environmental conservation through the promotion of quality horticultural practices and standards.
Objectives of UTPA:
• To promote the growing of plants and flowers in Uganda;
• To introduce new and modern methods of horticultural farming to members;
• To promote export and import of plants, flowers and other agricultural products;
• To carry out conservation of indigenous and endangered plant species;
• To promote organic farming in Uganda;
• To promote the local cottage industry by creating demand for materials like pottery & baskets.
Activities of UTPA
• Regular practical trainings for members on good plant growing practices and maintenance;
• Regular information sharing. UTPA is a member of the Private Sector Foundation and also networks closely with the Uganda Flowers’ Exports Association ;
• Organisation and hosting of an annual flower show;
• Organisation of local and external visits to horticultural events;
• Support networks for the local marketing and selling of member horticultural related products;
• Organisation of local practical training activities for the public

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