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21 days will take you to explore the pearl of Africa by visiting the most exciting and amazing and beautiful destination in the pearl

21 days will take you to explore the pearl of Africa by visiting the most exciting and amazing and beautiful destination in the pearl. You will have a chance to meet with the endangered gentle apes in Bwindi impenetrable national park and also the closet relative of human beings sharing 98.8% DNA in the primate capital of the world and then to Queen Elizabeth national park and Murchison falls national park for game viewing having chances to view big five species and then to Lake Bunyonyi known as the Switzerland of Uganda and finally to lake Mburo national and Kidepo valley national park


Day 1

Arrival at Entebbe international airport of Uganda for your 21 days Uganda safari

Arrival at Entebbe international airport of Uganda for your 21 days Uganda safari

Day 2

Check out and Transfer to Lake Mburo national park

Wake up early morning to proceed with your 21 days Uganda Wildlife safari, get prepared for a transfer to the western part, Lake Mburo National Park. Our driver/tour guide will be ready to take you through the whole detailed itinerary. This early drive enables us not to encounter traffic jam in the city as well reaching early for the game park activities.

The drive takes us through the ultimate Equator line in Masaka city, have a stopover, take pics for your memorable adventure, and buy some snacks or some items if interested. Our well-trained and knowledgeable guide will give you brief informative talks to ease your whereabouts. Proceed to the designated Lake Mburo National place. Have lunch, check in, and relax as you wait for afternoon activities.

A warm sunny afternoon shall lead us to the compelling excitement about the beauty and diversification of this place. Begin with an evening bot cruise for a chance to spot numerous mammals and different bird species that inhabit and feed on aquatic life. A mind-blowing population of hippos concentrated on the lake banks, Nile crocodiles, African fish eagle, heron, etc. After this exceptional milestone, split off and retire to our checked-in lodges for dinner, relaxation and overnight till we catch up with tomorrow’s proceedings. Meal plan: Dinner, Accommodation at the booked hotel

Day 3

Guided Nature walks and Game Drives in the Morning

After your breakfast, our driver/tour guide will drive you through the open savanna grasslands dominated by acacia trees, scening rolling, ancient Precambrian rocks, and compelling landscapes. Spot out numerous wild animals in the hood like Giraffes, impala, Uganda Kobs, Warthogs, Buffalos, Zebra, elephant, eland, Giraffes, impala, waterbuck, buffaloes, and many more. Head back for lunch and a short relaxation. Later prepare for the nature walks via the fauna and flora spreading to the pleasurable Salt Lake. After this joyful encounter, head back to the hotel.

Day 4

Check out and Transfer to the 2nd deepest lake in Africa, Lake Bunyonyi

A soothing bright morning shall begin with a heavy breakfast, check out and prepare for a 4 hours’ drive transfer to lake Bunyonyi full of a winning life. Drive through the rolling hills on the country’s side western Uganda in Kabale. Arrive to the Promised Land, have lunch, check-in and have a short relaxation. Afternoon memories shall take us for a canoe ride navigating the lake, surely is it worth that recognition? The answer shall be in your mind by the time we retreat back. Have dinner, accommodation and an overnight at booked hotel

Day 5

Sun Bathing and a transfer to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Have a remarkable breakfast, spread for a sunrise bathe, have a boat cruise on the life-giving broad day sunrise, and define the beauty of Lake Bunyonyi with numerous islands on the lake. Encounter a school of birds on the lake shore. Retire back to the lodge, and have a magnificent lunch. Then prepare for a transfer to the compelling regime of Mgahinga gorilla forest national park. Arrive late hours to the pinned area of the destination

Day 6

Tracking Golden Monkey or Culture encounters (Batwa-Pygmies), Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Have breakfast early morning, our driver/tour guide will drive you a short distance to the headquarters for a short briefing about tracking this endangered species: The golden monkey. Along with an armed game ranger, manifest into the jungles of Bwindi. Tracking this magnetic feature depends on how fast the trekkers are, and therefore time can’t have predicted how long you shall take but normally it's 1-6 hours. After the encounter, use your one hour to learn its way of it as well as take pictures.

Well, one who opts for Culture encounters, definitely goes through a rewarding community walk. Meet the ancient heritages of Batwa, the caves and forest trails that they used. Listen attentively as they narrate to you about their historical way of life while in the forest. Not only that, be entertained by their cultural dances. Retire from this valuable option and head back to the lodge for dinner, overnight and relaxation at the booked hotel

Day 7

Gorilla tracking and nature walk in Bwindi Forest

Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi is an inviting adventure preferred mostly around here and is the main activity. Early morning hours after our breakfast, our guide will set you back to the headquarters to acquire tips about this onset activity. Along with a game ranger, spread into the jungles of Bwindi for this wonderful experience. When you encounter these mountain Gorillas, spend 1 hour with them, learn about their behavior, how they lay nests, groom others, and many more. The trek is readable and shall need some accompaniments like Gumboots, gloves, a walking stick, a cap, physical fitness, and bottles of water. Our guide will help you to organize all this. After the encounter head back for your ceremony and be awarded a certificate of participation for your gorilla tracking Uganda Africa.

Day 8

Check out and Transfer to the most visited Queen Elizabeth National Park

A well-set morning shall find us ready after our breakfast, check out and be ready. Our tour guide will drive you through the curving hills in the region and penetrate the engaging biodiversity of Queen Elizabeth. Be ready to have spectacular views at the climbing king of the Jungle-Lion in the Ishasha sector chilling with the quest for the targeted poor grazing kobs, antelopes, and waterbucks in the park. The rewarding direction leads us to the worth queen Elizabeth-Nothern section of the park at the booked hotel

Day 9

Kasenyi Game drive and 2 Hours Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise

Have breakfast, our driver will take you through the open grasslands full of mind-blowing beautifully scenic views of green landscapes reflecting the green grass. Head to the Kasenyi part of the park for amazing wild views as you spot numerous animals like hyenas, buffalos, lions, leopards, elephants, warthogs, waterbucks, etc. Later retreat back to the lodge for your lunch and a short relaxation in preparation for the afternoon’s 2 hours elegant boat cruise to the Kazinga channel that connects lakes, Albert, and George. See the fishing communities, school of Hippos, and Buffalos wondering in the green pastures along the banks. This place has a high concentration of birds over 200 different species. Retire back for your relaxation, dinner, and overnight till the next day.

Day 10

Chimpanzee Trekking-Transfer to Kasese

After your breakfast very early morning, pack your items and check out. Be briefed about this exercise from the responsible team in the park, along with the game ranger Spread into the curving forests in search of these friends of Man-Chimps. The trek goes for 1-5 hours depending on how fast the trekkers are, and where the chimps last fed from. When you encounter, them, spend 1 hour experiencing their behavior as they squabble jump over trees, eat fruits, etc. Well, the trek is rewarding and pleasurable as you encounter numerous bird species, tortoises, butterflies, etc. Retreat back from the wilderness and head to the hotel for your lunch and a short relaxation. Resume to Kasese for the trending mythical mountains of the moons- Mount Rwenzori. Check-in for your dinner, overnight, and relaxation. Accommodation options: mountains of the moon, Ihamba Safari Lodge, Ruboni Community Camp.

Day 11

Hiking Mountain Rwenzori transfer to Kibale National Park.

Well, how fit are you to go? Mount Rwenzori is snowcapped, reaching a summit of 5,109m above sea level. The trek takes us through the rewarding trails as you encounter different bird species, swamps, ferns, and further kinds of flora and fauna. The trek takes 6-8 hours, hope you make it to the hiking summit. Retire back, our driver will be ready to transfer you to the Kibale Forest National Park for your relaxation, dinner, and overnight at the booked hotel

Day 12

Chimpanzee tracking and Bigodi Swamp nature walk.

After your breakfast, our driver will take you to the ranger station before 8:00 am, be briefed about chimpanzee tracking, be assigned a game ranger, and penetrate the forest, the trek is expected to last 1-6 hours. Encounter the wild apes described to have some resemblances to man due to high levels of intelligence quotient. Encounter them as you learn many areas of interest. Later, redirect back to the lodge for your lunch and wait for the afternoon’s nature walks in Bigodi swamp where you will spot the duikers, shoebills, penguins, shining blue kingfisher, etc. see different plant species; red-throated tall grass, and many more. Then retreat back to our hotel for evening relaxation, dinner, and overnight

Day 13

Transfer to Hoima – Bunyoro Kitara Heritage Trail

After your early morning breakfast, check out and get ready for the drive to Hoima through the captivating beautiful scenes of the rolling hills that lead us through the prominent Fortportal city. Arrive at the targeted direction, have lunch and then drive to the Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom to explore the taboos of this palace. Listen to the historical dynamics of the origin of this kingdom. The synchronization of this epic moment shall take us to the Royal Tombs pinned for the Kings of Bunyoro, this is where the exceptional King Kabalega was laid to rest, he is remembered for his resistance against the British rule. Well the Pleistocene mood takes you back through the Squeezed city of Hoima

Day 14

Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park full of inviting Nature.

After your breakfast, our esteemed and trusted driver will be on your roots to ably drive you to Murchison falls national park through the mind-blowing aperture of the rolling rocky hills with pleasing landscapes in the Albertine Rift stretching us to the gripping views of Lake Albert and Virunga blue mountains of the bordering Democratic Republic of Congo. The drive cuts through the Kibiro prominent salt Gardens with supporting hot springs. See the traditional mechanisms used by natives to prepare salt. Finally arrive to our targeted end point Murchison falls, check in for your dinner, relaxation and overnight at booked accommodation

Day 15

Guided Game Drive in the Park, launch Cruise-Wildlife and Birding

After your pleasing breakfast, straighten your abilities to the wilderness, our driver will drive you through and have an opportunity to spot the big five in Africa ie the lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and buffalo. Uganda kobs, zebras, waterbucks, Duickers, etc. A population of bird species of over 400 different species. En route back to the hotel to have lunch and prepare for the afternoon 2-hour launch boat cruise on River Nile gearing to the gracious and pleasurable mighty Murchison falls. This nature is rewarding as you encounter a school of concentrated hippos, the basking Crocodiles, water birds, the rare shoebills, and other aquatic life. Relocate back to your hotel for your relaxation, dinner, and overnight.

Day 16

Transfer to Kidepo Valley National Park Northern Part of Uganda.

A bright morning on our 21 days Uganda safari-after your breakfast shall enroll us to Kidepo national park, the drive is full of scenic views like the dry northern areas, cattle along the hill slopes, and rolling hills that give beautiful views. This place is known to have lost the lives of innocent people due to the threatening war led by Kony years back, however, the government fought and won him thus restoring peace in the area. Arrive in Kidepo valley national park and check in to the booked lodge

Day 17

Game Drive and Visiting the Karamajong Communities.

Have an early breakfast, our driver will take you through the savannah open plains of this park, and head to the Narus valley known to be a site point of wild animals due to the Narus River that feeds these lives. You may have an opportunity to spot buffaloes, Rothschild giraffes, lions, wild cats, Baboons, zebras, duikers, kobs, ostrich, antelopes, and many others. This lifetime adventure takes us back to the lodge for your lunch and relaxation as you wait for the afternoon’s community walk, be entertained by these pastoralists, and listen to their stories. Their nature is fully optimized when they lead you to their social life, see their milking kraals, manyattas (cultural) and so many charming areas. Well, after this encounter, retire back to your lodge for dinner, relaxation, and overnight.

Day 18

Hiking Morungole Mountains

Karamojong are seen concentrated in this part, the hiking trails give us prominent views of the Karamajong plains and the South Sudan hills pointing close to the borders, as well as encountering the societies who are broadly known to be the first original dwellers to inhabit the area as a result of being forced to occupy these mountains by the arrival of the pastoral cultures. Call it off a day, and return to the lodge for your overnight relaxation.

Day 19

Check out and Relocate to Sipi falls

An early drive after your breakfast and checking out of the lodge, takes us to the inviting nature of Sipi falls eastern part of the country, the green landscape makes it a rewarding one, and you may take pictures for your memorable safari. The Game drive cuts through the Pian Upe Game Reserve where you have an opportunity to spot different wild species like Olive Baboons, Hyenas, Topis, Buffalos, Zebras, Giraffes, and wildcats, velvet monkeys, and many more. Arrive at Sipi, Have dinner, and overnight at the booked accommodation

Day 20

Explore Sipi Falls and Transfer to Jinja

Early morning after your breakfast, drive through the scenic views of Sipi, this is a magnificent picturesque, see numerous bird species making sounds, view the landscapes of the native Bagisu, and see how they cultivate their plains, and on rocky hills. After this encounter spread to Jinja. Our driver will drive you through beautifully scenic views of Sugar plantations, rice plantations, and cultivated plains. Arrive in Jinja late evening. Check into your lodge for your booked accommodation

Day 21

Jinja Activities like rafting, bungee Jumping-The Source of River Nile

After your breakfast early morning, our driver will take you to designated activities in the area, explore River Nile full of a winning life, and enjoy activities like white water rafting, bungee jumping. Many of our tourists find water rafting to be a compelling and a unique ultimate activity. Why not give it a try? There are numerous activities like swimming, Sun bathing, etc. that you shall enjoy on your day. Finally, this yields us back on to a 3-4 hours’ drive back to Kampala. Have dinner, relaxation as you proceed with flight arrangements depending on your arrangements with our responsible tour company.

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