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Entebbe Power Wellness

Entebbe Power Wellness; Treat yourself to a life-defining weekend with Mother Nature, virtually guided by an intuitive healer. Our team will welcome you at the cosy and colourful ViaVia Entebbe, located on the lush edge of the Katabi swamp — but it will be Anina on the sunny side of Slovenia’s Alps who will remotely connect with your energies. We call it “Power Wellness” because we harness your internal energy to switch you on like never before.

• get to know your subconscious mind and how it affects you
• maximise your potential in all personal and professional aspects of life
• learn who you are and let your true self shine
385,000 USh
includes: meditations, discussions, workshops; energy work by an intuitive healer; three multi-course meals
excludes: optional Day 2 activities, accommodation (ViaVia offers B&B options from 75,000 to 260,000 USh), transport
You will get to know Anina before the trip even begins and, more importantly, she will get to know you. Every participant benefits from a 30-minute online session with her, as a deep preparation for your tour. It will be the beginning of Anina’s help with any personal blockages that you feel stand between you and success, even those you don’t know about. Fears, traumatic experiences, toxic relationships … they are all bogging you down, so they have to go.
9:30am: Arrival at ViaVia Entebbe (see the “More Photos” collection above to check the guesthouse out). After you take enough photos for your Instagram, you will begin your weekend challenge: How many hours do you think you can survive without that colourful screen, that barrier between you and the world — and you and you? Your phones will be safe, accessible and on charge, however, the more you stay away from them the bigger winner you will become.
10am: You will be introduced to our on-the-ground team and see what we can do to help you on the journey towards self-understanding and peace of mind. By taking yourself away from the daily stress you have already made an important step. Hearing Anina speak from far, yet so close, your mind can begin looking for answers you always needed.
10:30am: Our first meditation will calm you down further. You will be instructed to be still and not think of anyone or anything, while Anina does the essential for you: cutting whatever chains you to the past. … Do you wonder how that works? She will watch you through a video link and use her intuitive powers to connect with you without speaking a word.
11am: The first multi-hour session will be dealing with your regrets, resentments and rejections. You will write down all the bad people and moments, whatever baggage you want to erase, and they will go up in smoke. As the paper burns and Anina heals with her gift of clairvoyance, you will find new strength to forgive and forget. Then you will focus on feelings… Leaving behind the patterns that have been weighing on you every day will be profoundly liberating.
1pm: Delicious vegetarian or vegan lunch at the lodge will be followed by some personal time to take in the beauty of ViaVia. You will feel lighter without meat in your diet and probably quite different without a phone obscuring your views of other people. (But, hey, don’t worry, your digital buddy is completely secure.)
2:30pm: Anina’s recorded lecture, carefully chosen literature and a guided meditation on feeling will lead you down the crucial path of loving yourself more. You will soon understand why this is so important for your future…
4pm: We will chat about everybody’s purpose in life, how to identify it and then realise it. Anina will be available on the screen for your questions, and she will add some words of wisdom too.
5:30pm: A sunset guided meditation, enhanced by Anina’s energy work, will prepare you for a new world without limits. The time is ripe for you to allow yourself to be what you truly are, appreciate the power you possess.
6pm: We will sit around the fireplace for a discussion about our first day together, enriched by a lovely dinner (meat optional). Wine will be served to help the tongues but no other alcohol will be available, in the spirit of wholesomeness and self-control.
This morning is for you to choose your activities…
5:30am: We will still request your presence at the early morning manifestation, your personal goal setting exercise. Using your mind you will enter a supermarket like no other and inhale more energy you ever thought existed…
6am-1pm: Choose among the available activities:
– yoga 20,000 USh
– painting 60,000 USh (100,000 USh if you keep the canvas)
– mountain biking 75,000 USh (120,000 USh with a guide)
– Botanical Gardens visit 20,000 USh + transport
– Shoebill Stork tracking in Mabamba Swamp 170,000-295,000 USh
… or simply rest, relax and reflect!
Our fourth and last meal will be served at ViaVia again.
2:30pm: “I promise myself I will live a life like…” Reinvigorated and with fresh ideas from the wild, you will sign a contract with yourself. Before you do that, you will take one long, quality look at yourself in the mirror, for once not focusing on makeup or skin imperfections but instead on the real you.
4pm: You will embark on our journey back home, to the old relationships and realities now seen through a completely new lens. Don’t be surprised if your relatives and friends also start looking at you a bit differently…
If you believe staying in contact with Anina will fundamentally assist you on your life path, that is something that can be arranged easily. We are also considering an advanced-level experience with Anina’s in-person participation


Nov 28 - 29 2020


NOV 28 AT 10 AM UTC+04 – NOV 29 AT 5 PM UTC+04
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


ViaVia Travellers Cafe
Entebbe, Uganda


ViaVia Travellers Café Entebbe
+256 781 524991

Other Organizers

Gorilla Highlands Society
+250 781 462 284

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