13 Authentic Coffee Shops in Kampala

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“Coffee helps me maintain my “never killed anyone streak” – Anonymous

endiro coffee
endiro coffee

Uganda is a tea and beer drinking country. That has been the norm for far too long. But as urbanized and status-driven young professionals start to make up most of the population in the cities, some of the best coffee shops in Kampala have taken advantage of the fact that these people need the kind of jolt that only well-brewed caffeine can give, and they do not want to drink instant coffee from a tin.

Despite the fact that Uganda is one of the world’s most renowned producers of coffee, just years ago not very many establishments sold the stuff. But now you will find a high-end coffee shop in almost every corner in the centre of the capital Kampala. From the decor to the Caffè macchiatos, Cappuccinos and Espressos, Ugandan coffee houses have come a long way and make up some of the best, most impressive meeting points for business and pleasure alike.

If you ever find yourself in the country and just happen to have a particular craving for a Caffè mocha, here are some of the most reliable and authentic/traditional coffee spots to enjoy coffee:

Cafe Javas
This is very much the ‘home of coffee’ in Uganda. Ever since cafe Javas introduced a vibrant coffee drinking and café culture In Uganda, this iconic coffee house has opened up branches in almost every major corner of Kampala. From Kampala city centre to City Oil branches etc. The quality of service is impeccably standardized throughout the different branches. The coffee is amazing as is to be expected from one of the leading coffee houses in the country, and the decor screams class and upward mobility all the way. In Kampala, you will find several branches along Kampala road, one at Kampala Boulevard and the other off to Parliament avenue, City Oil along Jinja Road, City Oil along Namirembe road. Almost every noteworthy location.

When it comes to coffee houses in Kampala, Endiro is perhaps as high end as it gets. That doesn’t mean that the prices are unreasonable, it just means that they have excellent coffee served within beautifully decorated establishments found in some of the most iconic locations in the city. Endiro coffee branches found in Muyenga, Kisementi-Kololo, and Bugolobi. These are elegantly decorated places that give way to comfortable seating while you get tantalized by the scents of brewing coffee.

cafe pap
cafe pap

Cafe Pap
Located within the beautifully serene grounds along the Parliament avenue, Cafe Pap is one for the artsy, quiet and collected types. The open-air place only adds to the rejuvenating power of their coffee. If you are looking to just take a minute from the hectic city life, you might want to head out here and just smell the roses while you drink your coffee.

1000 cups of coffee
Located on plot 18, Buganda road, 1000 cups of coffee is a quaint coffee house that prides itself in serving you the best, hand-roasted coffee on this side of the Kampala capital. All Ugandan fresh coffee varieties are served in this place. Robusta, Arabica, roasted, non-roasted, and more. They are also well known for Orange Bloom (sweet orange, Tangerine, Amaretto, Coffee, Cream, White chocolate).

Located at the Acacia Mall, Cafesserie is a quiet coffee shop that has modern decor, a wide variety of caffeinated drinks and an international choice menu. It has a great indoor and outdoor seating and free WiFi. it’s one of the best coffee shops in town.

Omukago Coffee Shop
Omukago Coffee Shop on George Street in the Kampala has been around forever; with good reason. Interested in quality coffee? This coffee shop offers you two of the finest brands:
Omukago-A blend of Robusta and Arabica and Nucafe-100% Arabica.
This is one coffee house that MUST be on your list if you ever find yourself in Kampala.

Prunes cafe
Prunes cafe

Located in Kololo at Wampewo avenue, Prunes is the best quality of house coffee blend roasted to perfection. They also serve specialty sweets and bread! WiFi is also available. Prunes has more to offer than just reasonable prices and good coffee. As soon as you walk in, you will be welcomed by the vibrant atmosphere, high-quality service and beautiful music. The alluring aroma of freshly brewed coffee will have you sitting down for hours. With such a bold statement, you have no choice but to try it out.

You most definitely should also try visiting:

Java House coffee shop at Acacia Avenue and at Grand Imperial Uganda.

Wild coffee bar on the seventh Street, industrial area.

Coffee At Last in Makindye

Miss Cafe Kampala Boulevard

The Sound Cup at Village Mall Bugolobi.

Simba Cafe at Forest Mall Lugogo.

The options are seemingly endless and this is just in Kampala. The whole-country has better, more traditional coffee houses that serve authentic brews made in Ugandan style of the flamboyant Ugandan Culture. The prices are reasonable, the atmosphere and decors superb, service is excellent and the crowds are as Ugandan as it gets. At the end of a long day, if you are not going out for a beer as is the custom here, you should treat your taste buds to some of the finest coffee: grown, roasted, and brewed right here in Uganda and from other places around the world.

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