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A place to catch some culture in Kampala

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Culture vultures, Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC) commonly known as The National Theatre welcomes you. The Uganda National Cultural Centre is situated at the corner of Said Barre Avenue and De Winton road, in the Central Division of the city of Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city.

Uganda National Cultural Centre has the National Theatre and the Nommo gallery providing a venue for stage performances of different kinds, and also serves as a cinema hall.

WHETHER you prefer concerts, art, concept shows or else, there are a number of ways to get “Uganda-fied.” Make a stop at the UNCC to get a taste of the arts and local culture in Kampala, and you’ll be on the fast track to knowing the city a little better than most. The Nommo Gallery at Victoria avenue, Nakasero features exhibitions of works of art by both Ugandan and foreign artists.

Though Kampala city has a reputation as a noisy, crowded, frenetic metropolis, it is possible to avoid that side of Kampala if you choose to visit the Uganda National Cultural Centre.

With that in mind, The UNCC is a long-standing fixture on the Ugandan cultural scene. Aside from the cultural exhibits that offer a peek into African art, the theatre hosts a number of visual arts and musical shows — plus art workshops that will enthrall and move you.

Dance Performance
Dance Performance at UNCC

This collective lives up to its name, with a variety of festivals, game nights, movie nights airing locally produced Ugandan content, creative workshops and other activities meant to nurture the talents of Ugandan writers, visual arts performers, spoken word artists and so on. The best part? Most of the events are absolutely free and sometimes at a small charge and open to the public. For a taste of local Kampala creative flair, Uganda National Cultural Centre is the place to be.

The Uganda National Cultural also hosts regular shows like the Jam session and the much anticipated Comedy Night that runs every Thursday by outstanding comedians like Anne Kansiime, Okello Okello and Zizinga.

Before you proceed to the Theater auditorium, there is a snack bar inside the UNCC building that serves all sorts of drinks ranging from alcoholic to non alcoholics drink in Uganda. One can’t be bored and thirsty while inside.

Food Platz restaurant besides the UNCC main building is a must go to zone. Having tasted some of their meals, I must say this restaurant has the best African dishes served with best spices and ambience. You can never go hungry while here.

Another exciting feature that you can’t miss out at the Uganda National Cultural Centre is the Crafts Village. No list of crafts villages or artistic spots in Kampala would be complete without the shining example that is the Crafts Village at The UNCC.

craft gallery
craft gallery at UNCC

Locally made handcrafts are sold here and everyday local artisans proudly display beads, African-printed fabric, sculptures, shoes, bags, jewelry, and other artwork from their small shops. The best part? It’s all for sale. Get your souvenir shopping done in one trip or visit at the Uganda National Cultural Centre and leave with a piece of Ugandan, and a smile.

Apart from the Theatre itself and the Crafts Village, The UNCC premises also harbour other business trades. For example there are snack bars, boutiques selling both African and modern wear, saloons that do all kind of hairstyles. All these are run by individual local people to earn a living.

Outside The Uganda National Cultural Centre at it’s exit gate in particular, along is the Dewinton street.

Dewinton Street
Dewinton Street

This street has a variety of Cafeterias, restaurants, mini supermarkets, lodges, Forex bureaus, travel agency offices like Mash Poa, and boutiques etc. These offer high class services to anyone in need of them.

If you are stuck on where to go in Kampala for a lively yet quiet time, The Uganda National Cultural Centre is your place to be.

Namaganda LyndahNamaganda Lyndah-Author/Writer at Ada Uganda

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