What You Will Find In Kampala City

Get to know Kampala City

Ssebugwawo JacksonSsebugwawo Jackson

Have you been to Kampala city before? Are you planning a Uganda safari via Kampala? The capital of the

Kampala city
Kampala City

pearl of Africa is an unusual place to be. Whether you are a business person, an investor or even a traveller on a holiday? Kampala city has something outstanding for you. Unlike other cities, Kampala is suitable for all kinds of life let it be professional, business and simple life without compromising quality. Being it a gateway to all tourism spots, most Uganda safari holidays start and end in Kampala. A city tour exploring the seven hills of Kampala is a not miss for all travellers to the pearl of Africa. After long safaris in the remote areas, for gorilla safaris, mountain climbing and local cultural encounters, a traveller needs some free time to chill off the stress before travelling back. Several hotels luxury, mid-range and budget have been established in all corners of the city to serve you with excellent food and sleeping services. Also, several apartments have been built for business people hence the smooth flow of all kinds of businesses. Kampala city is Uganda’s commercial centre hosting all prominent offices in different corners. Kampala, therefore, hosts the highest number of people in Uganda doing different kinds of work.

Kampala is unusual due to the following reasons.

Low cost of living;

With no doubt, Kampala offers the lowest cost of living compared to other cities in the neighbouring

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countries. Low cost of living does not mean low standard services but rather an affordable life for all people at all budgets. Transport in the city is cheap especially in public transport where there are taxis at Shs 500 (nearly quarter a dollar) only from one place to another. Also, there are several restaurants to serve you with plenty of food at a relatively low cost. At UGSHS 10,000 (Approximately 3 dollars), you can get good ready food in a restaurant accompanied by fresh juice or water. It’s therefore rare to feel hungry while in Kampala. Also, the city has local markets for example Owino selling plenty of fresh foods and clothes at low cost. Also, snacks like chapattis, Rolex (FORGET ABOUT THE WATCH) and sumbis are available every day costing as low as Shs 500 to make your life easy in Uganda’s capital city.

Tourist attractions;

For travellers, a Kampala city tour to different tourism spots makes your Uganda safari a complete

Uganda museum
Uganda Museum

package. Reach out to Uganda Museum, Baha’i temple, Kasubi tombs, Makerere University, Uganda martyrs shrines in Namugongo, Gaddafi mosque, Namirembe hill, Mengo palace, Afriart gallery, Kampala Hindu temple, Parliamentary house and Bulange royal building. Also luxury hotels like Sheraton Hotel, Serena Hotel, and Imperial Royale hotel, Hotel Africana, Pearl of Africa Hotel and the commonwealth resort Munyonyi among others. These places are good for fun and relaxing.

Shopping malls;

If you are a shopper, Kampala city offers you whatever you want at affordable prices. Are you looking for

Shoprite at Acacia Mall

clothes, fabrics, utensils, cosmetics and all other households?, Kampala sorts you. The leading shopping malls in Kampala include; Equatoria Mall, Forest Mall, Grand imperial shopping Mall, Tirupati Mazima Mall, Ntinda Shopping Centre, Acacia mall, Oasis Mall, Pioneer Mall, Mukwano Mall, Lugogo mall, Capital shopper, Kamu Kamu Plaza, quality shopping village, Metropolis shopping mall and Owino market among others. All these serve you with fresh, clean and updated services in all quantities at affordable prices. Visit any of the shopping malls on your stay in Kampala for a memorable stay.

Fortunately, a lot of transformation has been achieved in Kampala under the management of Kampala Kampala Entebbe Express highwayCapital City Authority (KCCA). Through KCCA, local markets have been transformed to international standards while roads such as the Entebbe express high way have been constructed to ease the connectivity from Kampala to Entebbe international airport for those who have connecting flights.

In general, Kampala city is an unusual city to be for a unique experience. Enjoy a Kampala city tour; go for shopping, walking and chill off your stress in the capital city of the pearl of Africa.


Ssebugwawo JacksonSsebugwawo Jackson is a Motivational Speaker & holds a Degree in Tourism

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  1. Kibiwott Bill

    I love Kampala life the way you have discribed, it’s just an amazing city and very beautiful place to be,

    But there are some few things that are messing up with your city,
    1.Motor bikes ~bodaboda especially at downtown.
    2.Cleaniness, drainage systems and city planning services needs to be addressed

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