Mabira Forest Lodge

where Man and nature meet

 owen adaugandaErima Owen

Boasting over 100 species each of birds, butterflies and insects, 3 primate species, with beautiful cabins well-integrated into the surrounding forest and a crucial part of the reserve’s biodiversity, the RainForest Lodge – Mabira exhibits the peace and calm of

mabira forest cottages
Mabira RainForest lodge

mabira forest cottages

mabira forest cottages

an equatorial hardwood rainforest in the heart of Uganda.
Approximately 45 minutes drive from Kampala, Mabira Forest lodge is your perfect escape site from the hustle and bustle of Kampala to spend a couple of days away in a rainforest where you walk, hike, bird, or just read a book with the natural quiet guaranteed by an ancient rainforest which was first inhabited by pygmies who were the original people of forests.
The forest – pride of the country- with all of its natural beauty including streams, waterfalls, small mammals, birds and butterflies has a lot to offer from the forest walks to the swimming pool, but there is also a Sauna and you can have a restoring massage, the rooms are great, excellent food, great drinks to choose from.
There is Ssezibwa Falls, a place of legends, cultural practices and beautiful scenery. There is a pristine swimming pool where you can take a refreshing dip after a walk through the forest – with its beautiful plants, flower trees, the sounds and sights of birds while monkeys scurry about in the treetops.
Here, the evenings are warmed by the campfire sitting outside, listening to the cries of the birds in the night, accented by the sweet natural warmth of the forest slowly pushing you to the night.
Mabira Rainforest Lodge is an Eco-lodge that runs on hydroelectric power, with energy-saving bulbs. Here, meals are cooked on gas and shower water is heated by solar power fitted individually in each room. The lodge employs natural cleaners that will not pollute the surrounding forest. Recycling is done of all sorts of plastic and paper products. There is a tree nursery that is growing indigenous forest species to replant areas that have degraded within the forest.

This place has a lot to offer any visitor from the forest walks to witness the breathtaking sunrise and sunset over the forest -how in minutes a blanket of darkness overcomes light and how the light wins over darkness. The sight of birds in tens, hundreds and thousands, flying away home. The clouds, each of them, having their own story to tell, the plants growing greener by the day, the flowers smiling, the stars twinkling in complete darkness. Feel the waves of the forest , the shades of the trees and the lovely gentle breeze. This is Mabira Forest Lodge -is indeed gifted by nature.

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