Epic cultural display at Ndere Centre

The home to cultural adventure and entertainment

By Owen Erima


Visit the Ndere Cultural Centre and get treated to mouth-watering theatre performances. The centre is the home of ‘Uganda’s cultural protagonists’, popularly known as Ndere Troupe.

Here, the Ndere Troupe captivate you with amazing cultural songs, dances and unique instruments from the 56 tribes; blends them with humorously informative stories and presents them in an authentic but artistically developed way to bring out the rich cultural diversity of Uganda through dance, music and oral history. For over two decades this award-winning group have been gracing stages with cultural performances.

Featuring over 500-seater Amphitheatre, the centre also performs dances and songs from other neighbouring countries especially Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya.

ndere-troupe dance crew
Ndere Troupe

The breath-taking experience of ­­—- colourful costumes, the ‘tat tat tat, boom boom boom, cha cha cha’ sounds of traditional musical instruments as the men beat the drums hard with the flat of their hands and the women dancers elegantly descend the stairs into the open-air Amphitheatre, carrying beautiful smiles, waving arms and shaking their hips to the joyfully-seductive rhythm —- takes you to another planet of culture at its peak. The performances give you a deeper understanding of Ugandan culture through education and are a real deal to watch.

The centre is well-maintained with green, beautifully flowered walkways and shaded by very mature fruit and other African trees. The unique design is a combination of artistic creativity with a touch of African tradition in materials, colours and construction to unmatched levels and is blended with the humming of birds and butterflies moving in gracious motions.

There is also a restaurant, guesthouse and bar where you can enjoy a great Ugandan buffet and barbeque — mainly traditional foods as the troupe entertains you.

The Centre holds performances every Wednesday at 7:00 pm and every Friday at 7:00 pm. The Centre also holds special Family Shows on Sundays at 6:00 pm.

The Ndere Centre is located on Plot 4505 Kira Rd, Ntinda – Kisaasi Stretch.

 Owen Erima is a Co-founder of Ada-Uganda Listing Site

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  1. Derrick

    Music, dance and food

    Very nice place to hangout with friends and family especially on weekend. They have nice food and its lively there

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